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How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Jewelry

8th Aug 2017

It’s a well-known fact that jewelry completes an outfit. However, it shouldn’t just be treated as an accessory that you simply add on to your outfit without thought, because jewelry is your key to making a real style statement.

With so many different choices and looks available, creating your own style with jewelry takes some careful planning and consideration. You need to make sure the jewelry you’re choosing lifts your everyday ensemble and reflects your individual personality.

If you’ve been collecting jewelry for a while, you might be struggling with how to incorporate these pieces into specific outfits. Or, if you’ve only just started building up your jewelry collection, you might be wondering where on earth you’re supposed to start. So, to discover your unique, signature pieces of jewelry, follow these top tips:

Find Your Jewelry Type

Firstly, you need to choose your type of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Although you might want to opt for more than one of these pieces, to really hone your style you’ll want to build up layers of these items.

For example, if you love rings and you want these to be your statement piece, you could opt for more than one of these that you wear at the same time. To make sure they complement one another, opt for the same metal for each, while mixing and matching the stones or engravings within them.

Find the Element of Your Jewelry

To make sure your collection of jewelry works well together, you need to find common ground with all of your pieces. And the easiest way to do this is to choose the metal or material they’re going to be made from. For example, silver has always been a classic jewelry element, but this can be accessorized in a number of ways, including teaming an ornate ring with a matching pendant.

Or, for a more eclectic look, why not opt for silver jewelry with some kind of detail? This detailed aspect could be the color of the stone that’s set within it or an engraved design that really sets it apart. By choosing a ring and a pendant that are made from the same metal and have similar design details, you’ll really add to the wow factor of these pieces but without them looking uncoordinated and off-the-wall.

Find that One Stand-Out Piece

Finally, if you prefer a more minimalist style but still want your jewelry to pack a punch, you might want to opt for one piece of signature jewelry. This isn’t for the faint-hearted because you’ll wear this piece seven days a week. However, if you get it right you’ll create a bold look that people will recognize you for. In fact, you can probably think of one person who already does this and does it well.

Whether it’s a chunky ring with daring design details and a hefty stone or a bold, engraved silver necklace, this signature style is a must for standing out from the crowd. Furthermore, opting for one piece allows you to blow a bit more of your budget on this one item, and you won’t have to keep splashing out on other pieces to match your outfits.

Whatever jewelry you opt for, bear in mind that signature pieces need to blend in well with your current wardrobe while still being audacious enough to grab people’s attention.

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